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The Complete Guide to the F-6 Marriage Visa in South Korea [Updated 2023]

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The F-6 is the main visa for foreign spouses of Korean nationals. This resource offers a concise guide to everything you need to know about getting married in Korea.

I. Key Features of the Korean F-6 Visa

The F-6 visa grants marriage migrants the right to stay and work in Korea without the restrictions present in work-specific visas. Renewals are available every 3 years, but may varry based on specific conditions.

The F-6 visa allows holders to live and work freely in Korea and allows for permanency residency after 2 years.

II. Who is Eligible for the F-6 Marriage Visa in Korea?

Applicants must be legally married to a Korean national. Income conditions apply, with certain exceptions for those expecting children or those whose Korean spouse has lived abroad.

III. Required Documents: A Quick Glance

Document Checklist

Passport: Original copy required.

Photograph: A 3.5cmx4cm photo taken within the last 6 months. Avoid home printing.

Visa Fee (if not residing in Korea): $45 for US citizens [view adjusted rates here]

Application Fee: 130,000 KRW.

A. Visa Application Forms

통합신청서신고서 (Immigration Office Form Application Declaration)
Tải về DOC • 127KB
사증발급신청서(VISA APPLICATION FORM)_20220207
Tải về PDF • 180KB

B. Personal Details Form for a Marriage Migrant Visa

외국인-배우자의-결혼배경진술서 (Foreign Spouse Background Affadavit)
Tải về PDF • 153KB

C. Letter of Guarantee (written in Korean by Korean spouse)

신원보증서양식 (Letter of Guarantee)
Tải về PDF • 58KB

D. Marriage Migrant Invitation

외국인배우자초청장양식 (Marriage Migrant Invitation)
Tải về PDF • 199KB

E. Personal Statement, Marital Background of Foreign Spouse

신원보증서, 외국인 배우자 초청장, 외국인 배우자의 결혼배경 진술서 (Affidavit of Identity, Invitation to Alien Spouse,
Tải về • 352KB

Income & Residency Proof for Inviter: This comprises a variety of documents such as the Amount of Income Certificate, Credit Information Report, Withholding Tax Invoice, employment certificates, business registration, among others. Read more here:

결혼이민비자 신청시 구비서류 안내 (1)
Tải về PDF • 241KB

Many of these forms aren't available online. Call 1345 to obtain it. Details such as building type, size, and room count are necessary. It's prudent to photograph your residence to provide visual proof. Note: In 2022, the annual income threshold stood at 19,000,000 Korean won. 2023 anticipates a rise due to changes in the minimum wage. Exceptions include those over 22 weeks pregnant or if the Korean spouse lived abroad for over a year.

Health & Criminal Records (within 6 months): Medical certificates should detail the examining institution. Criminal history for both parties is mandatory, with specific requirements for the foreign spouse regarding documents from the FBI and Apostille confirmation (translated to English or Korean).

번역자확인서 (Translator Certificate)
Tải về PDF • 98KB

Proof of Relationship: Prepare a collage of 30 dated photos. Additional evidence can include records of video or phone calls.

Language Proficiency: This can be proved using any of the following methods.

  • Completion of KIIP Level 1 []

  • TOPIK Certificate with Level 1 or higher []

  • Korean-language related university degree

  • Documents proving you are an ethnic Korean of foreign nationality

  • Immigration records proving at least 1 year of residency in Korea (외국인 등록 사실증면서 from the 주민센터)

Important Notes:

  • Exemptions to some of the above requirements apply under certain conditions like prolonged relationship periods abroad or specific humanitarian considerations.

  • The application process necessitates an in-person submission.

  • Be prepared, as additional documents might be requested for a thorough review of the application's purpose.

IV. The F-6 Application Process

  1. Gather all documents.

  2. Submit application to your local immigration office.

  3. Pay the designated fee (130,000 won at the local office of immigration).

  4. Wait for approval, typically a 3-4 weeks.

V. Handy Tips and Important Considerations

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