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The Complete Guide to the C-3-3 Short-Term Medical Tourism Visa in South Korea

medical tourism visa korea

If you are traveling to Korea for medical treatment, you should know about the Short-Term Medical Tourism Visa (C-3-3). This visa is required for anyone seeking medical treatment in Korea and is only valid for one visit of 90 days or less. This simple guide is here to help people from all over the world understand how to apply without any hassle.

I. What is the C-3-3 Medical Tourism Visa?

The C-3-3 Medical Tourism Visa is designed for individuals intending to visit Korea for medical treatment or recuperation at a medical institution. Those planning to stay longer than 3 months (90 days) should apply for the G-1-10 Long-Term Medical Tourism Visa.

II. Who is Eligible for the C-3-3 Visa?

The C-3-3 Medical Tourism Visa is specifically designed for individuals seeking to undergo short-term, simple procedures like cosmetic surgery in Korea, and the total duration of treatment and travel is expected to be under 90 days.

  • For Lengthy Procedures and Treatments: Individuals requiring more extensive surgeries, long-term treatments, or rehabilitation that exceeds 90 days should apply for the G-1-10 visa instead. The G-1-10 visa accommodates patients who need lengthy periods of medical and recuperative care, allowing a stay of up to one year.

Eligible Countries for the C-3-3 Visa:

  • China*

  • Philippines

  • Indonesia

  • Bangladesh

  • Vietnam

  • Mongolia

  • Thailand

  • Pakistan

  • Sri Lanka

  • India

  • Myanmar

  • Nepal

  • Iran

  • Uzbekistan

  • Kazakhstan

  • Kyrgyzstan

  • Ukraine

  • Nigeria

  • Ghana

  • Egypt

  • Peru

  • Syria

  • Cuba

  • Sudan

  • Macedonia

  • Kosovo

  • Palestine

  • Afghanistan

  • Iraq

  • Yemen

  • Gambia

  • Senegal

  • Somalia

  • Cameroon

* P.R. Chinese passport holders have specific conditions detailed in the main visa guideline.

III. Duration of Visa and Entry Specifications

This visa is a single-entry visa, valid for 90 days or less. It is specifically intended for short-term medical stays, and applicants are required to leave Korea once the visa expires. Acquiring this visa does not permit any form of employment in Korea.

IV. Required Documents

All applicants need to submit:

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months of validity.

  • A fully completed E-Form available at Korea Visa Portal.

  • A colored photograph sized 3.5x4.5 cm with a white background.

  • Documents proving financial ability to pay for medical treatment and travel for the latest three (3) months.

  • A non-refundable visa application fee in cash.

C33 Visa - Application Form
Скачать PDF • 172KB
C33 Visa - Criteria and Information (CH-ENG)
Скачать PDF • 298KB

V. Frequently Asked Questions

Can any medical treatment be undergone with a C-3-3 Medical Tourism Visa?

Is it possible to extend the C-3-3 Visa if my treatment is longer than expected?

Can my family members accompany me under the C-3-3 Visa?

What are the financial proof requirements?

Is expedited service available for the C-3-3 Visa?

Are the visa application fee and documents refundable?

Can I work in Korea with a C-3-3 Medical Tourism Visa?

Understanding the C-3-3 Medical Tourism visa is essential for a smooth application process and a pleasant medical trip to Korea. Applicants from various national backgrounds can look forward to experiencing Korea's advanced medical services without unnecessary complications if they follow this guide and ensure all documents and requirements are correctly met.

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