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What is White Day in South Korea?

If you thought Valentine's Day was all about the ladies, think again!

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What is White Day?

White Day is a special day celebrated in South Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries on March 14th, exactly one month after Valentine's Day.

While Valentine's Day in Korea is traditionally focused on women expressing their feelings through chocolates and gifts, White Day is the time for men to return the gesture. It's a day to show appreciation, confess hidden feelings, or simply celebrate the important women in their lives.

day row sinchon

🤍 Desserts from Day Row (Sinchon)

Why is it called White Day?

In Japan, the birthplace of White Day, the focus is on giving gifts that are white, such as white chocolate, marshmallows, candy, and jelly. There are a few theories about why the color white is so important on this holiday. One theory is that white is associated with purity and innocence. Another theory is that white is associated with marshmallows, which were originally used as gifts on White Day.

It is said that in Japan, gifts given on White Day carry different meanings. For instance:

  • Marshmallows: Rejection. Jelly or cream also holds a similar meaning, symbolizing a way to express dislike by swiftly melting away, signifying the end of a quick relationship, or used as a tactful expression of refusal.

  • Cookies: Friendship. Symbolizing dry or formal relationships.

  • Madeleines: I want to be close to you. Resembling a shell, it signifies a friendly relationship.

  • Candy: I like you. The lingering sweetness suggests that you will not be forgotten.

  • Macarons: You are special. Indicating uniqueness.

  • Baumkuchen: Wishing for continuous happiness. Stacked layers represent the continuity of joy.

🤍 Macarons from More Desserts (Osan)

Is White Day strictly romantic?

While originally focused on romantic gestures, White Day has evolved. Gifts are exchanged between friends, colleagues, and family members, making it a day to show appreciation to the important women in one's life.

🤍 Petit Cakes from 4nerd (Humphreys)

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Cover photo source: Amy Shamblen (Unsplash)

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