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Top 5 Summer Getaways for US Military Families in South Korea

Looking for a way to beat the heat and make the most of your summer weekends? Here are five amazing family-friendly destinations near Camp Humphreys, perfect for creating unforgettable memories.

학현근린공원 Hakhyeon Forest Park (20 minutes)

children playing on a net playground

Image Source: NetAdventure

A cool, shady cypress pine forest park with lots of shade, easy flat walking trails, and an adventure playground for kids--perfect for family outings. Enjoy a serene walk following the lush forest paths.

유곡교 Yugokgyo River Valley (40 minutes)

tent next to a shallow river in korea

Image Source: msjin95212

A closer, but more isolated river valley, great for cooling off on hot summer days. This spot is less crowded and has fewer nearby convenience stores, so be sure to pack a cooler before heading over.

연곡계곡 Yeongok River Valley (50 minutes)

shady river valley korea

Image Source: Korea Tourism Organization

A bit further from Yugokgyo, this shallow river spring is perfect for cooling off and spending time with your little ones. The water is cool from the mountains and shallow enough for kids to play safely. There are also restaurants and convenience stores nearby for grabbing a bite to eat.

왜목마을 해수욕장 Waemok Village Beach (1 hour)

waegok village cave

Image Source: TheMac

A quiet beach with breathtaking sunset views, full of seagulls, white sand, and caves to explore. There's also a nearby waterpark to amp up the fun.

만리포해수욕장 Mallipo Beach (1 hour and 30 minutes)

mallipo beach skyview korea

Image Source: Korea Tourism Organization

Mallipo Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand perfect for a day of relaxation and fun. Enjoy the serene views and the refreshing sea breeze at this family-friendly destination.

Pack your cooler, gather the family, and head out to these amazing spots for a summer filled with adventure and joy!

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