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The Simple Guide to the E-7-2 Visa in South Korea: Tourism, Retail, and Service Workers

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South Korea's E-7-2 visa serves as a pathway for semi-professional workers with specialized skills in job types like medical coordinators, service workers, and beauty professionals, aiming to fill industry-specific gaps and enhance sectors such as healthcare, tourism, and the K-Beauty industry.

II. What is the E-7-2 Visa?

The E-7-2 visa is intended for foreign nationals who possess specialized skills in certain job categories that are vital to South Korea's industries. Unlike the E-7-1 visa, which targets high-skilled professionals, the E-7-2 focuses on semi-professional roles that are indispensable yet do not require advanced academic qualifications.

I. What is a "Semi-Professional" Worker?

A "semi-professional" worker refers to an individual who has acquired specialized skills, knowledge, or expertise through a combination of education, training, and work experience. These workers fulfill roles that require specific technical or practical abilities, but not necessarily a four-year university degree. Semi-professionals are integral to industries that rely on specialized services or technical competencies, bridging the gap between professional and skilled labor.

II. Who is Eligible for the E-7-2 Visa?

The E-7-2 is for skilled workers that may or may not hold a 4-year degree. Below are the specific job categories and positions eligible for the visa:

Office Workers:

  • Duty-Free Shop or Jeju English Education City Sales Clerks

  • Air Transport Clerks

  • Hotel Reception Clerks

  • Medical Coordinators

  • Customer Service Clerks

Service Workers:

  • Transport Service Workers

  • Tourist Interpretation Guides

  • Casino Dealers

  • Chefs and Cooks

III. E-7-2 Visa Duration and Entry Specifications

  • Validity: The E-7-2 visa is issued as a single-entry visa valid for 3 months.

  • Stay Period: The initial stay period granted can extend up to 1 year, with options for extension and alien registration available for qualifying individuals.

IV. Required Documents and Application Process

To apply for the E-7-2 visa, applicants must submit:

  1. A valid passport, Alien Registration Card, and completed application form.

  2. A recent standard-size photograph.

  3. An employment contract detailing salary, working hours, and job duties.

  4. Business registration and related documents of the employing institution.

  5. Proof of financial stability and tax payment history.

  6. Documentation proving the necessity of employment, including employment recommendation letters for specific roles.

  7. Proof of residence in South Korea.

  8. Health certificates and qualification documents relevant to the job category.

E-7-2 Visa Application Form
Download PDF • 177KB


Can I apply for the E-7-2 visa without a job offer?

No, a job offer and a valid employment contract with a South Korean company in the designated job categories are mandatory.

Is it possible to switch employers on an E-7-2 visa?

Do I need a bachelor's degree to apply for the E-7-2 visa?

Are there quotas for the E-7-2 visa?

The E-7-2 visa offers a unique opportunity for skilled workers to gain meaningful long-term employment in South Korea, contributing their expertise to the country's diverse and dynamic industries.


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