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The Simple Guide to the E-7-1 Visa in South Korea: A Pathway for Global Professionals

e71 visa korea

The E-7-1 visa offers a gateway for professionals with specialized knowledge to contribute to South Korea's national competitiveness. This category permits the legal stay of skilled individuals in various fields, in alignment with South Korea's strategic interests.

I. What is the E-7-1 Visa?

The E-7-1 visa is designated for foreign professionals who plan to work in high-skill in-demand fields selected by the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea.

Possible Employers for E-7-1 Visa Holders include:

  • Technology and IT companies

  • Engineering firms

  • Research institutions and think tanks

  • Cultural institutes

  • Foreign chambers of commerce

  • Healthcare and medical research organizations

  • Legal and consulting firms

  • International trade and export companies

  • Design and architecture firms

II. Who is Eligible for the E-7-1 Visa

Eligibility for the E-7-1 visa includes:

  • Administrative or technical staff of diplomatic offices, cultural institutes, or companies approved by the foreign chamber of commerce in Korea.

  • Individuals under contract with public or private institutes in ROK in fields designated by the Minister of Justice.

III. E-7-1 Visa Duration and Entry Specifications

  • The E-7-1 visa is a single-entry visa valid for 1 year.

  • The permitted period of stay under this visa can extend up to 1 additional year, with options for alien registration or visa extension available through the Hi Korea website.

IV. Required Documents and How to Apply

Applicants must provide:

  1. A completed Visa Application Form (Form No. 17), passport, photo in standard format, and the application fee.

  2. Official documents from a foreign diplomatic mission in Korea requesting cooperation.

  3. An employment contract with a Korean company.

  4. Documentation validating the applicant's education and career level, including degree certificates and certificates of employment.

E-7-1 Visa Application Form
Download PDF • 177KB


Can the E-7-1 visa be extended beyond one year?

Extensions are possible but require additional application processes through the Hi Korea website and a renewed contract with your employer.

Can I work at more than one place while on the E-7-1 visa?

Do I need to have a job before applying for the E-7-1 visa?

The E-7-1 visa opens doors for skilled professionals worldwide to advance their professional career in South Korea.

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