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The Complete Guide to the F-1-13 Parents of International Student Visa in South Korea

Updated: Feb 22

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The F-1-13 Visa is designed for parents who wish to accompany their children studying in South Korea. This visa ensures that family members can stay close to their children while they pursue education in South Korean institutions.

I. What is the F-1-13 Visa?

The F-1-13 Visa is a specific type of visa intended for the parents of international students who are enrolled in academic institutions below the high school level in South Korea. This visa allows parents to reside in the country and provide support to their children during their studies.

II. Who is Eligible for the F-1-13 Visa?

Eligibility for the F-1-13 Visa includes parents or close relatives (up to second degree; i.e., uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, grandparent, grandchild or half-sibling of the individual) of self-funded international students who are enrolled or planning to enroll in elementary, middle, high school, or international schools in South Korea. The applicant must meet certain financial requirements and not have any significant legal violations in the past five years.

III. Duration of Visa and Entry Specifications

The F-1-13 Visa is typically granted for up to one year and is a single-entry visa. The visa can be applied for at the relevant Korean embassy or consulate based on the student's country of residence or the location of their last educational institution.

IV. Required Documents

Applicants must submit several documents, including:

  1. Visa Application Form (Form No. 17), passport, photo (3.5 x 3.5 cm), and application fee.

  2. Acceptance letter or proof of enrollment from the educational institution.

  3. Documents proving family relations (original and translated).

  4. Proof of living expenses, showing funds deposited for at least one month.

  5. Additional financial documentation may be required for citizens of specific countries.

V. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the financial requirement for the F-1-13 Visa?

Can both parents of an international student apply for this visa?

Is it possible to extend the F-1-13 Visa?

Are there restrictions on work for F-1-13 visa holders?

What happens if the student changes or leaves their educational institution?

Can an aunt or uncle apply for the F-1-13 Visa?

The F-1-13 Visa offers a valuable opportunity for parents to accompany and support their children studying in South Korea. It requires careful adherence to eligibility criteria and documentation requirements, ensuring a smooth experience for families during their stay in South Korea.

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