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The Complete Guide to the D-6 Religious Worker Visa in South Korea

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

South Korea's vibrant spiritual and community landscape opens its arms to those seeking to contribute through religious and social service work. With the D-6 Visa, missionaries, religious workers, and those involved in volunteer activities can immerse themselves in the local culture while enriching the lives of others. This post explores the essentials of the D-6 Visa, paving the way for a fulfilling journey of service and spirituality in the heart of Asia.

I. What is the D-6 Visa?

The D-6 Visa is a type of visa specifically designed for individuals looking to engage in religious and social services within South Korea. It caters to foreign nationals who are dispatched by international religious or social service organizations or are invited by domestic entities to participate in activities that contribute to the social and spiritual fabric of Korean society. Importantly, the D-6 Visa is restricted to religious activities and does not cover individuals employed by Korean religious organizations for profit-making activities

II. Who is Eligible for the D-6 Visa?

Eligibility for the D-6 Visa includes those who are:

  • Sent to a registered branch of a foreign religious or social welfare organization in Korea.

  • Invited to engage in missionary or social welfare work by a medical, educational, or relief organization affiliated with their religious group (excluding those receiving payment from these institutions).

  • Recommended by a Korean religious group to conduct celibacy discipline, spiritual retreats, or research activities.

Those simply assisting religious figures or engaging in activities as laypersons, or whose activities oppose Korea's fundamental ideals or public morals, are not eligible for this visa.

D-6 - Visa Application Form
Download PDF • 177KB

III. Duration of Visa and Entry Specifications

The D-6 Visa grants an initial period of stay up to one year and is typically a single-entry visa valid for three months. This allows holders to delve into their spiritual and social service work with a sense of commitment and purpose. Should you need to extend your stay or require additional information on Alien Registration, the Hi Korea website is a resourceful guide.

IV. Required Documents

Applications require documents proving the legitimacy of the inviting organization and the purpose of the visit, including:

  • Visa application forms, passport, standard photo, and application fee.

  • Dispatch orders and statements of invitation.

  • Legal proof of the inviting organization's registration and assurance of financial support during the applicant's stay in South Korea.

The Korean diplomatic mission may ask for additional documentation to ensure the validity of the invitation and the qualifications of the inviting organization.

V. Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are considered religious under the D-6 Visa?

Are there any restrictions on the types of religious or social welfare activities permitted on the D-6 Visa?

Can I extend my D-6 Visa beyond the initial one-year period?

Are there any specific financial requirements to be eligible for the D-6 Visa?

What kind of activities can I engage in with a D-6 Visa?

What if my activities in Korea are not directly under a foreign religious entity?

The D-6 Visa is a gateway for religious workers to legally engage in missionary and social welfare efforts in South Korea. It caters to those dispatched by international religious bodies or invited by Korean organizations, ensuring their activities align with local laws. As global interfaith collaboration grows, the D-6 Visa's relevance is likely to increase, facilitating a greater exchange of cultural and religious values.

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