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Taco Stand in Haebangchon: Good Food, Great Vibes—Delivered

Enjoy tacos and long for an authentic Mexican meal while in Seoul? If you're looking for a taste of Mexico without leaving Haebangchon, head on over to Taco Stand.

The relaxed, welcoming atmosphere of Taco Stand is evocative of a classic Mexican taqueria the moment you step inside. The room is lively and genuine thanks to the use of colorful accents and rustic features. Dine al fresco on the terrace, which is dog-friendly, and enjoy the fresh Seoul air with your canine companion.

plate of food served at taco stand in seoul

When it comes to making authentic Mexican flavors, Taco Stand is all about using high-quality ingredients. Tacos range from the traditional Chorizo (pork) to more exotic Trippa (beef tripe) on their menu. Vegetarians can enjoy their fresh Veggie Taco, just one of many options on their extensive menu. Chicharron, a crispy fried pork skin snack, is a must-try for daring foodies; don't miss it!

After a day of exploring Hannam-dong's chic boutiques and Itaewon's dynamic energy, stop by Haebangchon's Taco Stand for a one-of-a-kind and delicious meal.

Can't make it in person? You can get Taco Stand delivered with Shuttle. Enjoy their top sellers – Barbacoa (Beef) Taco, Birria (Lamb) Taco, and Carnitas (Pork) Taco – delivered straight to your door.

Shuttle's Top 3 Best Sellers

1. Barbacoa (Beef) Taco

beef taco in seoul

2. Birria (Lamb) Taco

birria lamb taco in seoul

3. Carnitas (Pork) Taco

Carnitas Pork Taco in Seoul

Address: 34 Sinheung-ro, Yongsan District, Seoul

Instagram: @tacostandkr

Get it delivered: Taco Stand

shuttle delivery korea

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