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Sunset Views of Seoul: The Bugak Skyway Pavilion (Palgakjeong)

dusk in seoul with city lights sparsely shown

When it comes to breathtaking views of Seoul, Bugak Skyway stands alongside the iconic N Seoul Tower. Situated on the winding roads of Bugaksan Mountain, this scenic route offers an unparalleled panorama of downtown Seoul, enriched by its historical significance and natural beauty.

To reach Bugak Skyway, travelers take a picturesque ascent up Bugaksan Mountain. The journey itself is part of the attraction, with the road winding through lush greenery, offering glimpses of Seoul’s bustling cityscape unfolding below. Along the way, the octagonal Palgakjeong Pavilion invites visitors to pause and enjoy the stunning views it offers. From this vantage point, the city skyline blends harmoniously with the ancient fortress walls tracing the mountain ridges, providing a unique perspective of Seoul’s past and present.

orange sun just before setting over the horizon in Seoul

The allure of Bugak Skyway is perhaps most captivating during the evening hours, making it a popular destination for a nighttime drive. As the sun sets, casting a warm glow over the city, the skyline transforms into a mesmerizing view of lights. Bukhansan Mountain dominates the horizon, with the silhouettes of Namsan Mountain and Gwanaksan Mountain adding to the enchantment. The sight of N Seoul Tower and Gwanghwamun Sageori bathed in the golden hues of sunset creates a serene ambiance that is quintessentially Seoul.

While any time of year promises a memorable visit, there are peak moments that enhance Bugak Skyway’s charm. During late autumn, the mountain is adorned with a vibrant display of foliage, framing the cityscape in hues of red, orange, and gold. The juxtaposition of ancient fortifications and nature’s seasonal colors creates a scene that is as evocative as it is picturesque.

a sunset view of namsan tower

At nightfall, another aspect of Seoul’s rich history comes to life. The Hanyangdoseong, Seoul’s ancient city wall, is illuminated, casting a soft glow that highlights its role in safeguarding the city for over six centuries. This blend of historical resonance and modern vibrancy is a testament to Seoul’s enduring spirit and its ability to seamlessly blend the past with the present.

people gathered to watch the sunset


267 Bugaksan-ro, Pyeongchang-dong, Jongno District, Seoul

Convenient parking is available at Bugak Skyway Palgakjeong Pavilion (북악스카이 팔각정) for 400 won per 10 minutes.

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