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Study K-Beauty in Korea: Top Visa-Sponsored Programs

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Korea, known globally for its leading role in beauty and cosmetics, also offers unique educational opportunities that come with visa sponsorship for international students. A growing number of educational institutions are now accepting international students for their K-beauty programs.

mikwang beauty graduation

Located in Seoul, Mikwang Beauty Academy offers an intensive, hands-on training under the guidance of instructors with over a decade of experience. The academy is an ISO-certified institution registered with Korea's Ministry of Education, allowing it to sponsor visas for international students. Courses range from aesthetic design principles to advanced business seminars, helping students open their businesses worldwide and obtain internationally recognized diplomas.

Lexis Korea and their beauty program

Lexis Korea combines Korean language instruction with K-cultural courses, including K-pop dance, vocal classes, and K-beauty training such as hairdressing, nail-art, makeup, and skincare. The programs, lasting 20-60 weeks, are tailored for international students with courses conducted at partner universities exclusively for Lexis students, complete with visa support.

amo aesthetics academy logo

Featured on the BBC, AMOAESTHETICS offers a variety of beauty courses in Seoul, from scalp care to advanced semi-permanent makeup. The academy provides comprehensive packages that include accommodation, airport pickups, lunches, and hands-on training with real models. Courses are available in English or Chinese, and all come with international certification and visa support if needed.

Korean Universities Offering Cosmetology Programs





Pursuing a career in the beauty industry in South Korea is more accessible than ever with these visa-sponsored educational programs. These opportunities not only provide world-class training in K-Beauty but also open doors to international students seeking to develop professional skills and start their businesses in the beauty sector.

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