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South Korea's IC Driver's License: Upgrade to a Digital License on Your Smartphone

In an era where digital innovation enhances every aspect of our lives, South Korea has introduced the IC Driver's License, or "Integrated Circuit" license, blending convenience with security. This allows both locals and foreign residents to access a digital version of their driving license via a mobile app, ensuring their identification is always just a tap away.

What is an IC Driver's License?

The IC Driver's License is a digital counterpart to the traditional physical driver's license, accessible through a mobile app. It's available to anyone holding a valid driving license, including foreign nationals residing in South Korea with a foreign registration card

IC Driver's License Benefits

The digital IC Driver's License is recognized for all government and official transactions within South Korea, serving as a valid form of identification equivalent to the traditional physical license.

  • Convenience: Carry your driver's license on your smartphone.

  • Security: Enhanced security features to protect your identity.

  • Ease of Reissuance: Easily reissue your license onto a new device if needed.

Requirements and Issuance

  • Must hold a driving license or obtain a new one.

  • Must own a smartphone registered in the applicant's name.

  • Must be subscribed to a mobile communication service for identity verification.

  • For online applications, if the registered photo is deemed unsuitable for mobile use, a new passport-standard photo (3.5X4.5cm) taken within the last 6 months may be required; two photos are needed for aptitude tests or renewals.

How to Apply

South Korea offers two pathways to obtaining or reissuing a Digital IC Driver's License: online application and in-person QR issuance. Apply online here (Korean only)



Where to Apply

Standard Issuance

Apply online through the Safe Driving Integrated Civil Affairs website or visit a driver’s license examination office or police station for in-person application. Authenticate via an IC tag, and access your digital license through the mobile app.

Online or In-Person at driver’s license examination office/police station

QR Issuance

Ideal for those who prefer not to switch to an IC license or need to reissue their mobile license after changing phones. Verify your identity and capture a one-time issuance QR code with your smartphone.

In-Person at driver’s license examination office

Supported Devices:

  • Android: Android OS 7.0 and above, with biometric authentication and NFC support.

  • iPhone: iPhone 8 and above, iOS 16 and above, with biometric authentication and NFC support.

  • Unsupported Devices: BlackBerry devices are not supported.


Here are the costs associated with renewing or obtaining a new IC Driver's License, depending on the language option and whether you opt for the mobile IC version:


Renewal (Won)

New (Won)

Korean Language Only



Korean + English Language



Korean Mobile IC Version



Korean & English Mobile IC Version




What if I lose my phone or get a new one?

IC License Holders: Tag your IC license to the new phone and verify your identity to reissue your mobile license.

Traditional License Holders: Visit a license office for a QR code reissuance.

How do I know if my license is IC compatible?

Is the digital license valid for all purposes?

Is my digital license valid in other countries?

Can I use my digital license on my prepaid phone?

Can I use my digital license on my company phone?

Embrace the future of digital identification with South Korea's IC Driver's License, combining innovation with the ease of access.

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