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How to Study for TOPIK II: Study Guide and Resources for Passing

passing topik ii

The Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) II is a significant step up from TOPIK I, designed to assess an individual's advanced understanding of Korean. While TOPIK I covers basic language skills, TOPIK II dives into more complex language structures, making it notably Cmore challenging.

I. TOPIK II Scoring

TOPIK II covers levels 3 through 6, while TOPIK I only covers levels 1 and 2. TOPIK II tests your abilities in Reading, Listening, and Writing, each designed to gauge your command over the language in various contexts social, academic, and workplace contexts.

Here's the information organized into a table format for clearer understanding of the TOPIK II exam structure and scoring:






Total Points

1st Period


60 mins

Multiple choice




50 mins

Subjective type



2nd Period


70 mins

Multiple choice



Overall TOPIK II Score: Up to 300 points

II. Passing Scores and Proficiency Levels

  • TOPIK Level 3: Requires a score of 120 out of 300 points or higher. This level indicates the ability to maintain social relations and comprehend correct word usage in Korean.

  • TOPIK Level 4: Requires a score of 150 out of 300 points or higher. At this level, individuals can understand news, social issues, and discuss abstract topics accurately, showing familiarity with Korean culture and idioms.

  • TOPIK Level 5: Requires a score of 190 out of 300 points or higher. This reflects high fluency in professional and academic settings, allowing for discussions on complex and unfamiliar subjects.

  • TOPIK Level 6: Requires a score of 230 out of 300 points or higher, denoting absolute fluency in professional and academic environments.

III. Recommended Textbooks for TOPK II

Korean Grammar in Use Series (Reading & Grammar)

Beginner: Lays the foundation necessary for tackling TOPIK I. It's assumed that learners are familiar with this content before beginning TOPIK II.

Intermediate: Essential for those aiming for levels 3 to 5, it covers comprehensive grammar points needed for a solid understanding of intermediate Korean.

Advanced: Aims at those targeting level 6, diving into more sophisticated aspects of the language that are often beyond the scope of TOPIK II.

Korean Grammar in Use series

쏙쏙 TOPIK 한국어 어휘 고급 (Vocabulary)

A vocabulary-focused resource ideal for expanding your lexicon in preparation for the exam.

쑥쑥 한국어 어휘 고급

Hot TOPIK (Writing)

Offers practical writing practice with examples of high-scoring answers, critical for excelling in the writing section of TOPIK II.

hot topik writing

IV. Recommended Apps for TOPIK II

While traditional study methods are effective, integrating apps into your study regimen can offer flexibility and interactive learning opportunities. However, it's crucial to choose apps that align with TOPIK II objectives:


A comprehensive tool for TOPIK and EPS practice, offering a wide range of materials tailored for the exam.


Provides real TOPIK tests for practice, mirroring the exam format and questions.


Focused on vocabulary, this app helps in expanding your word bank with relevant terms.

topik words app


A spaced-repetition flashcard app for memorizing patterns and vocabulary effectively.

Korean Hanja Vocabulary Tool

Since a significant portion of Korean vocabulary derives from Chinese, understanding Hanja can dramatically improve your reading comprehension and vocabulary, especially useful for the writing section

By combining these resources and adopting a structured study plan, you can significantly improve your chances of achieving a high score on TOPIK II. Remember, consistency and a balanced approach to learning are key to mastering the complexities of the Korean language at an advanced level.

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