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Starting From Zero: Top Free Resources for Learning Korean

Updated: Apr 25

free korean courses

Learning Korean can be an exciting challenge, and thankfully, numerous free resources are available to help you master this beautiful language. From traditional methods to modern digital courses, there's something for everyone. Here are some of the best free tools and programs for learning Korean, perfect for beginners and those looking to enhance their language skills.

Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Korean Courses

FSI provides three comprehensive audio courses ideal for grasping the basics of Korean. These courses are developed to fast-track language learning, utilizing techniques from the US Defense Language Institute. They are particularly useful for auditory learners or those looking to optimize their commute time.

The Cyber University of Korea’s Video Series

The Cyber University of Korea offers a structured video series for beginners, available on YouTube, NaverTV, and the Korea Times. Designed to elevate your Korean to a TOPIK score of 3.5 by the end of Level 4, these lessons focus on enhancing your grammar to Level-4 and vocabulary to Level-3 as defined by TOPIK standards, providing a solid foundation for advanced proficiency.

Conversational Korean YouTube Series

For those who prefer a visual learning experience, the Conversational Korean YouTube channel offers detailed, engaging, and accessible language videos. These tutorials are great for beginners or anyone looking to patch holes in their Korean understanding.

Loecsen Korean Courses

Loecsen specializes in interactive speaking lessons, allowing users to practice pronunciation through guided exercises and microphone feedback. This website is perfect for learners focusing on speaking accurately and fluently.


KoreanClass101 provides a wealth of materials including PDFs, worksheets, and audio/video lessons. While its base resources are free, a premium subscription offers personalized teaching support — ideal for learners needing extra motivation or tailored guidance.

First Step Korean by Yonsei University on Coursera

Offered by Yonsei University, one of Korea's top universities, this comprehensive course includes 17 hours of coursework. It covers essential language skills from vocabulary to grammar, and includes quizzes and role-playing to reinforce learning.

Go! Billy Korean on YouTube

Billy is an American Korean language teacher and YouTuber who speaks Korean fluently offers a free Korean course with over 100 free video lessons. He offers extensive lessons on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary from a Korean learner's perspective. His resources include downloadable PDFs, and special series on phrases, idioms, and cultural insights--all for free.

With these accessible and free resources, anyone can start their journey to fluency in Korean. Whether you prefer self-paced online courses, interactive videos, or structured classroom environments, these tools can help unlock your potential to master Korean, enhancing both your personal and professional life in Korea.

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