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Find Your Personal Color through Professional Color Analysis in Seoul

personal color korea

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If shopping for makeup and clothes is on the top of your list on your trip to South Korea, we highly recommend getting a personal color consultation as your first stop before hitting the shops!

Tourists from around the world are heading to Seoul for personalized color analysis services, diving deep into the city's vibrant beauty scene.

Personal color analysis, also called seasonal color analysis or skin-tone matching, helps individuals determine which colors flatter their natural coloring the most, making it easier to choose clothing, makeup, and accessories that enhance their appearance. 

From selecting the perfect shade of lipstick to choosing wardrobe colors, eyeglass frames, colored contacts, hair color, and more, we guarantee finding your personal color will be a fun and enlightening experience.

personal color korea

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What are the different types of Personal Color?

Individuals are categorized into one of four seasonal color types based on their natural coloring: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, and a subcategory within that season.

personal color korea

The 8 Types of Personal Color Palette For Asians described by Allure Korea:

Warm Tone: Spring & Light

Bright and soft image, yellow skin tone, light brown hair, brown eyes, moderate contrast.

Warm Tone & Spring & Bright

Clear and cute image, yellow skin tone, brown or black hair, brown or black eyes, strong contrast.

Warm Tone & Autumn & Muted

Mature image, light or medium-toned yellow skin tone, light eyes, moderate contrast.

Warm Tone & Autumn & Dark

Glamorous and urban image, dark or medium-toned yellow skin tone, dark eyes, strong contrast.

Cool Tone & Summer & Light

Energetic and clear image, translucent and slightly pink skin tone, moderate contrast.

Cool Tone & Summer & Muted

Calm and sophisticated image, matte and slightly yellow skin tone, moderate contrast.

Cool Tone & Winter & Bright

Chic and cosmopolitan image, fair and slightly pink skin tone, clear eyes, strong contrast.

Cool Tone & Winter & Dark

Sharp and strong image, dark or medium-toned skin tone, strong contrast.

Personal Color of Korean Celebrities

Korean celebrity color chart

Image source: Powder Room

What does a consultation look like?

A trained color analyst will first explain the seasonal colors then use draping fabrics of different colors around your face (without makeup) to observe how they enhance or detract from your appearance. Based on their assessment, the color analyst will tell you your best color palette and provide personalized recommendations that best complement your complexion. This may include guidance on selecting clothing, makeup, hair color, and accessories in colors that harmonize with your natural coloring. Additionally, they can assess your makeup pouch and suggest which color shades work best for your seasonal color.

personal color korea

Image source: Naver Blog @inthepink

personal color korea

Image source: Naver Blog @cnsconsulting

personal color korea

Image source: Naver Blog @studioartandcolor

How much does it cost?

Price of a consultation can range from 60,000KRW to 180,000KRW per person depending on how in-depth you want your color analyzed and how many people are in the group.

Getting your color analysis done in Korea is not only a practical step towards enhancing your personal style, but it's also an enjoyable and memorable experience. Whether you opt for a solo session or bring along friends or family, discovering your ideal color palette is filled with excitement and insight.‍

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