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South Korea's New F-2-7 Visa Points Calculator: Check Your Eligibility Now

Updated: Feb 22

The F-2-7 visa opens doors for foreigners to freely work, change jobs, or start a business in Korea. It stands out for its flexibility and is an excellent opportunity for those looking to make Korea their new home or workplace. To simplify the process of checking your eligibility for this visa, we’ve created a straightforward points calculator.

This tool is designed around the visa's scoring system, which evaluates various factors like age, education, and income. The aim is to give you a clear understanding of your potential eligibility:

  • Points are awarded based on your qualifications and Korean life experience.

  • A higher score increases your chances for a longer visa period.

Visa policies and scoring systems are subject to change, so it's crucial to stay informed about the latest updates. Keep an eye on our blog for the most current information.

To get a comprehensive understanding of the F-2-7 visa and its application process, check out our detailed post: F-2-7 Points Visa Korea Application Guide.

Use our calculator to assess your eligibility and take a step closer to your Korean adventure.

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