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Must-Visit Comedy Clubs in Korea for Expats and Locals

Comedy has a universal appeal, and Korea's stand-up comedy scene is blossoming with new venues and talented performers. Whether you're an expat or a local, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy and participate in the comedy culture here. Let's take a look at some of the best places to experience stand-up comedy in Korea.

Stand Up Seoul Comedy Club

South Korea's first and largest stand-up comedy group in English, Stand Up Seoul Comedy Club is a pioneer in bringing English-language comedy to the country. This club hosts regular shows that attract a diverse audience, making it a must-visit for comedy enthusiasts.

The HA-HA Hole

Busan's only open mic, The HA-HA Hole, offers a platform for both first-timers and seasoned comedians. Held typically on the third Friday of every month, this open mic night is a haven for anyone looking to share their humor. The atmosphere is welcoming to all, from comedy fans to the more eccentric characters in the audience.

Dark De Gary

Dark De Gary is another popular venue that hosts regular comedy shows and events, drawing in both foreign and Korean audiences. It's a great spot for budding comedians to showcase their talents. If you're interested in performing, you can request a booking through their Naver booking site or their Kakao page.

Seoul City Improv

Seoul City Improv (SCI) is the premier comedy organization and school of improvisation in Seoul. As Korea's first improv comedy troupe, SCI hosts live shows and open sessions weekly, providing a space for both new and experienced performers to hone their craft. They also offer courses for those looking to learn the art of improv.

Meetup Groups (Stay Up To Date)

For those who want to stay updated on the latest comedy events and connect with fellow comedy enthusiasts, the Seoul Comedy Meetup Group is perfect. This group welcomes English-speaking locals and expats eager to explore Seoul's comedy scene together. From intimate bar shows in Itaewon to lively stand-up performances in Gangnam, this group is all about sharing laughs and making new friends.

Whether you're a seasoned comedy connoisseur or just looking to have a good time, Korea's stand-up comedy scene offers something for everyone. So, step out, enjoy a show, and maybe even take the stage yourself!

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