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Career Boosting and Continuing Education for Expats in South Korea

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Feeling stuck or considering a career change while living in South Korea? You’re in luck! South Korea offers a variety of educational programs that can propel your career to new heights. This guide highlights top courses and certifications designed to enhance skills and broaden opportunities for expats across diverse industries.

Explore Brewing

Dive into the craft of beer brewing with Magpie Brewing’s 3-week course in Seoul. This program covers everything from the basics of brewing to more advanced techniques, providing hands-on experience. It's a perfect blend of theory and practice, ideal for beginners interested in the brewing industry.

Master Coding

Coding bootcamps in Seoul, like WCoding, offer comprehensive training in programming with their 12-week intensive courses or shorter 4-week options. These courses are conducted in English, making them accessible to expats. They are designed to elevate your coding skills quickly and efficiently, setting you up for success in the tech industry.

Qualify as a Lifeguard

Qualify for a profession in water safety by becoming a certified lifeguard through the Korean Life Saving Association, which provides internationally recognized certifications in aquatic safety, CPR, and first aid.

Specialize in Cloud Computing

KMOOC provides a variety of online courses in tech fields, including cloud computing. These courses are developed by leading Korean companies and universities and are designed to elevate your job qualifications.

KMOOC also offers a variety of English courses covering diverse subjects from Korean Aesthetics to Marketing. This broad range of topics ensures that there are opportunities for learners of all interests to gain valuable skills that are in demand in today’s job market.

Transition to Professional Translating

For expats proficient in multiple languages, the Literature Translation Institute offers a structured program to take your translating skills to the next level. This program prepares you for a career in literary translation, covering seven languages and emphasizing deep cultural understanding.

The Literature Translation Institute of Korea's two-year program is designed to train expert translators, with courses beginning every August.

Certify in Personal Training

The National Academy of Sports Medicine provides a robust certification process for personal trainers. Available through partners in Korea, these courses equip you with the knowledge to lead in the health and fitness industry, backed by a globally recognized certification.

Embark on a Cosmetics Career

At Mikwang Beauty Academy, you can pursue certifications in various beauty disciplines, including cosmetic tattooing, makeup, skincare, and more. The academy offers internationally recognized diplomas and comprehensive training, allowing you to either start your own business or enhance your skills in the cosmetics industry.

Leverage these educational opportunities to not only upgrade your skills but also to enhance your integration into Korean culture and professional networks. Whether you’re starting a new career or seeking to advance in your current field, these programs offer valuable pathways in both Korea and abroad.

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