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5 Apps You Need For Your Trip To South Korea [2024]

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Planning a trip to South Korea in 2024? Equip yourself with essential apps to make the most of your stay and navigate the vibrant country effortlessly. We've put together the top five must-have apps that will transform your travel experience. From easily ordering food and essentials online to confidently navigating the public transportation system, these apps are your key to unlocking the full potential of your South Korean adventure.

1. Naver Papago

Papago is an AI Translator created by Naver Corporation. It offers comprehensive language support for over 20 languages. It excels in accuracy and fluency, handling text, websites, images, and even voice translations with ease. Features like a built-in dictionary and customizable settings further enhance its usability. Papago caters to various needs, from real-time conversations to document translation, providing a reliable resource for overcoming language barriers in both personal and professional contexts. While primarily targeted towards Korean users, its diverse linguistic coverage and user-friendly interface make it a valuable tool for anyone navigating intercultural communication.

naver Papago korea

2. Discover Seoul Pass

Explore Seoul like a VIP with the Discover Seoul Pass, available in flexible 24, 48, or 72-hour options. This "free pass" grants you entry to the city's iconic attractions without touching your wallet, from towering palaces to buzzing museums. But the perks don't stop there! Score discounts on shopping sprees, cultural performances, and even one-day classes that delve deeper into Korean traditions. For seamless travel, the pass also includes a transportation card, access to the Airport Express Train and Seoul Public Bike system, and even airport bus discounts. Stay on top of your itinerary with the handy mobile app, where you can track your pass duration and plan your adventure with ease. Make the most of your Seoul journey – choose your Discover Seoul Pass and unlock a world of unforgettable experiences!

*Exclusive to foreigners

Learn more here.

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3. Naver Map

Tackling Korean public transport can feel like a confusing maze, but Naver Map, a popular app among locals, acts as your trusty compass. Unlike its rival Kakao Map, Naver offers more extensive English translations, making it easier to navigate station signs and bus stops. Ditch the timetables – Naver displays real-time schedules for buses and subways, guiding you to the fastest route with ease. It even pinpoints exactly where to hop on and off, ensuring you reach your destination with ease. While you might encounter the occasional Korean character, Naver's multilingual edge still shines, making it a reliable partner for your Korean public transport adventure.

naver maps korea

4. Taba

Communicating with Korean taxi drivers can be a challenge for visitors. Thankfully, TABA, a new app designed specifically for foreigners, simplifies the process. Forget local phone number hassles and cash exchanges. Simply use your home number to hail a taxi and pay conveniently with your overseas card. TABA provides real-time estimates for travel time, route, and fare, empowering you to choose your preferred path and taxi type. Enjoy a seamless ride experience, available in multiple languages. Simply input your desired destination and enjoy your stress-free Korean taxi journeys with TABA.

Languages available: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), and Thai, with more languages to be added this year, including Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Russian.

*Exclusive to foreigners

taba app korea

5. Shuttle Delivery

Shuttle distinguishes itself as the only foreigner-friendly food delivery platform that accepts international payment methods. This user-friendly app operates entirely in English, ensuring a smooth experience for expatriates and visitors alike. Going beyond food delivery, Shuttle offers a convenient nationwide fast food concierge service. What makes Shuttle unique is its market service, allowing users to have a variety of items—ranging from groceries and beauty products to flowers—delivered promptly to their accommodation the very next day. Shuttle not only caters to diverse culinary cravings but also transforms the way foreigners access essential goods and services in Korea, making it an invaluable app for tourists and long-term travelers.

Get the app.

shuttle delivery app

shuttle delivery korea

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