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Understanding the D-8 Entrepreneur (Corporate Investor) Visa in South Korea

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I. What is the D-8 Visa in Korea?

Korea’s entrepreneurial arena is booming, attracting international professionals and investors. The D-8 Corporate Investor Visa is a structured pathway for those aiming to infiltrate this innovative ecosystem.

II. D-8 Visa Categories Overview

D-8-1 Visa: Incorporated Enterprise Investment

Eligibility: Individuals managing a foreign-invested Korean corporation as per the 'Foreign Investment Promotion Act' or indispensable professional specialists in production and technology

Stay Duration: 5 years

D-8-2 Visa: Business Venture Investment

Eligibility: Individuals with technical capability, possessing industrial or intellectual property right

Stay Duration: 2 years

D-8-3 Visa: Unincorporated Private Enterprise Investment

Eligibility: Indispensable professional specialists intending to manage a foreign-invested company owned by a Korean national

Stay Duration: 5 years

D-8-4 Visa: Technology and Business Startup

Eligibility: Individuals with an associated or bachelor's degree and founders of corporations with intellectual property rights or equivalent skills

Stay Duration: 2 years

III. Application Process for D-8-1 Visa

Applicants must follow an organized set of procedures, beginning with a foreign direct investment report and culminating in applying for the visa at the Immigration Office (Source) or by calling 1345.

IV. Role of D-8 Visa in Korea’s Entrepreneurial Landscape

The D-8 visa facilitates the integration of international professionals into Korea's expanding market, enabling international collaborations and fostering diverse opportunities in the entrepreneurial environment.

V. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the D-8 visa categories be extended?

Where can I apply for a D-8 visa?

Can the D-8 visa categories be extended?

Is the D-8-4 visa only for those with a degree?

VI. Useful Links

The D-8 Corporate Investor Visa is a catalyst for international professionals and investors keen on exploring opportunities in Korea’s innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem. By adhering to the eligibility and application process for each category, individuals can effectively harness the potential within Korea’s thriving market.

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