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How to Work in South Korea Without a Degree [2024]

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If you want to work in South Korea but don't have a degree, you may be wondering what options are available to you. This blog post aims to provide you with straightforward and practical information about finding work in South Korea, a country known for its dynamic culture and robust technological landscape. Let's get started.

I. FAQs About Working in Korea

What is the minimum wage in Korea?

How many hours are considered part-time/full-time?

Do all workers receive benefits in South Korea?

Is healthcare free for all visa holders?

Do I need to know Korean to work in Korea legally?

Do I need a visa to work in Korea?

What if I get caught working without a visa?

How old do I need to be to work in Korea?

Which visas require a bachelor's degree? Which visas do not?

Can I enter Korea on a tourist visa and look for jobs?

II. 10 Jobs in South Korea for Foreigners Without a Degree

JournalistVisa: E-7, F-2 

Engage in news reporting or freelance writing, often for international news agencies or local publications. As a journalist, you may cover diverse topics from politics to culture.


Visa: E-6, D-10, F-2  

Create and share content on digital platforms. This role offers creative freedom and can include partnerships with brands. Ensure compliance with digital content laws in Korea.

Factory Worker

Visa: E-9, E-7, H-1, D-10, D-2, F-2  

Work in various manufacturing sectors, such as electronics, automobiles, or textiles. These jobs often require shifts and may offer overtime opportunities.

Farm WorkerVisa: E-9, H-1, D-10, D-2, F-2   

Engage in seasonal agricultural activities, including planting, harvesting, and tending to crops or livestock. This work can be physically demanding but rewarding.


Visa: E-6, E-7, D-10, D-2, H-1, F-2  

Hospitality roles in bars, restaurants, or hotels. These positions offer the chance to experience Korea's vibrant food culture and interact with diverse clientele.

Start-up Worker/Founder

Visa: D-2, D-8, D-10, F-2 

Launch and manage a start-up. South Korea's dynamic start-up scene is ideal for innovative entrepreneurs. Support is often available from incubators and government programs.

Programmer/IT Professional

Visa: E-7, H-1, F-2  

Engage in tech and programming jobs in Korea's advanced IT sector. Opportunities range from app development to cybersecurity.

Dancer/EntertainerVisa: E-6, F-2 

Perform in arts and entertainment venues. Ensure to understand contract terms clearly and avoid engagements in prohibited activities like sex work. For support or legal issues, contact the Korea Legal Aid Center for Family Relations (+82-2-3498-3000).

Delivery Rider (Scooter/Moped)Visa: D-2, D-10, H-1, F-2, F-4

Work in the fast-paced delivery services, a growing sector in Korea's urban areas. This job requires a valid driving license and adherence to traffic regulations.


Each of these roles provides a distinct perspective on working life in South Korea, with its own set of challenges and rewards. Whether you are interested in technology, agriculture, or the arts, there is a job for you in South Korea's diverse job market. Remember to always ensure that your visa and work arrangements comply with South Korean laws in order to have a fulfilling and legal work experience abroad.

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